How to Care for the Products in Your Home

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Homeowner Maintenance Tips for the Products in Your Home According to the Professionals


Before you go out shopping for your home care goods or begin to use the products in your home, it is important to learn how to properly care for them! Check out the links below to see what our most commonly used manufacturers and subcontractors recommend for proper maintenance and best cleaning practices for some important items in your home!

With the HVAC system being such an important part of your home, it should be at the top of your list for home care and product maintenance. It is encouraged to be proactive with your HVAC installers by enrolling in their programs for seasonal check-ups of the heating and cooling components, plus periodic cleaning. Taking advantage of regularly scheduled service may reduce system failure by preventing problems before they occur over the life of the system.

GE has a ton of helpful videos to show you how to care for your appliances as well as any troubleshooting items you may need. Check out the videos at the link to learn everything from how to level and adjust your range height to refrigerator door alignment, adjusting freezer temperature, and how to steam clean your range!

This is a great resource for getting to know your stones and how to care for them! They are full of tips on how to get the longest life and preserve the beauty of your countertops as well as the best way to tackle stains that have already occurred.

Check out Shaw Floors’ interactive troubleshooting tool for the most common spills on your floors and what to do. You can also view tips on caring for each type of floor by category. They give you cleaning guidelines along with the best preventative maintenance tips!

Proper care and maintenance are critical in protecting and preserving the life of your cabinets. Here you will find tips on precautions you should take with your cabinets such as temperature control, dusting, and polishing as well as a list of “don’ts”.

Learn everything from how to fix a jammed or clogged disposal to how to reset your disposal here! They also have great pointers on how to best use your garbage disposal such as cold water over hot water and avoid putting FOG (fats, oils, or grease) in your disposal!

Check out Delta’s most common questions for cleaning and care for faucets and shower heads! We also recommend exploring these helpful videos about your Delta products.

Learn the dos and don’ts on how you clean your garage door with Wayne Dalton’s guidance. They have tips easily broken out by which type of garage door you have and how to best care for it. Did you know you shouldn’t use a pressure washer on your pre-finished steel garage door? Now you do!

We hope you are enjoying your new home and are so thrilled that you are taking the time to care for it and all of the products that went into making it a home!

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