Please note: You should have received your log in credentials via an email from Hyphen Solutions. If you closed escrow less than 30 days ago or closed before June of 2019, or have an Emergency, please contact If you are contacting the Warranty Department for an emergency, please include the word “Emergency” in your subject line. 

If you believe your home has a defect/deficiency covered under this Warranty, you must notify the builder in writing, either through our Warranty Portal or certified mail, return receipt.  Text messages are not acceptable.  Notice cannot be initiated with a phone call.  


Kiella Homebuilders Warranty Coverage

One-year Warranty

Workmanship & Materials: Contractor installation errors and defects in building materials such as flooring, windows, trim, etc.) during the first year will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under our one-year warranty.

Two-year Warranty

Major Systems: Distribution systems in your home such as Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and HVAC systems that do not meet performance standards during the first two years will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under the two-year warranty.

Ten-year Structural Warranty

Major Structural Defects: Structural issues such as Foundation, Footings, Load Bearing elements, are covered by a direct warranty through StrucSure. Any such defect that occurs within the first 10 years will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under the 10-year warranty.


To request a service order or warranty claim for the items listed below, please contact the manufacturer directly. Cost of labor is covered by the manufacturer; the cost of parts is not. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty booklet or website provided for full access to the details of the warranties.

Bell Air Conditioning – 254-939-1141
Ellis Air Systems (for homes closed after May 2022) – 254-598-2074
10 Year HVAC – (Heating & Cooling Units) *Registration Required*<<

GE Appliances
*Registration Required*
Extended- Manufacturer – Details available on website

Documents Regarding Your Home

Click here to download your own copy of our homeowner manual.

This manual is designed to answer your frequently asked questions regarding the maintenance of your new Kiella home.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contacts:

ELECTRICIAN | Royce Electric (254) 699-2685 or (254) 394-0071 (After hours)

HVAC | Ellis Air (254) 598-2074 or (254) 526-5410 (After hours)

PLUMBING | Cooper & Bright (254) 698-2909 or (254) 535-0508 (After hours)

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