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There are so many different trends of color palettes for the exterior and interior of homes. Sherwin-Williams is famously known for its amazing collection and quality of paints and coatings. Every year, this company chooses a color to showcase for a year and creates color palettes that complement it. These colors are popular choices for new homes being built and current homes that are being revamped.


At Kiella Homebuilders, we love to partner with Sherwin-Williams for the exterior and interior of our homes. Below are some descriptions of some of the popular color trends that are currently being implemented in homes this year.


Color is compelling and can impact your emotional and mental well-being. The Sherwin-Williams designers have considered this information in designing these colors. They know how these colors help people feel at peace in their homes.



Four different color palettes are created this year with different color tones designed to complement each other and create a nice contrast.


Blues and Greens: Very dark and bold colors.

Reds and Purples: Bold and bright colors.

Deeps and Darks: Variation of the blue and red color tones.

Delicate Tints: Soft white and like the blues and greens color scheme, but a softer and lighter version.



“The exterior of your home is the first thing people see. Why not play up the unique aspects of your home’s architecture to make a memorable impression?”

– Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing


One main thing to consider for exterior colors is that the colors need to look appealing in different lighting conditions. It also needs to complement the interior of the house. At Sherwin-Williams, six different color palettes are popular this year.


Traditional: Work best with stately colonials and bungalows on tree-lined streets.

Modern: Bolder colors, on mid-century modern homes.

Craftsman: Lots of neutrals and various shades of brown tones.

Coastal: Shades that resemble what is found in nature such as greens, blues, and reds.

Spanish: Desert tones that have lots of warm shades.

Beach: Lots of cream-colored tones with blues.


There are so many different color palettes that Sherwin-Williams has introduced in 2024. The colors are so unique and fun that are possibly included in some of Kiella’s homes.



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